As I See It

Jason Knight will serve a voice for the community. His constituency will be his primary focus, however he will stand for all Clarksvillians. Here is where Jason stands on the key issues:

A Safer Community

Jason will work to reduce speeding in our residential areas. Our community deserves safe streets without worry of dangerous and careless driving.

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Jason will bring his plethora of experience gained from his various roles in community service to faithfully serve the people of Ward 5.

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Jason will work with the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, and advocate for all students, especially those with disabilities and on IEPs.

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Property Rights

Jason will continue the fight he led as County Commissioner for individual property rights.

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Jason understands that the people of Ward 5 works hard for their money and to provide for their families. He will fight to prevent further taxation and fight to keep current taxes from increasing.

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Along with safe roadways, Jason will fight to improve their current conditions. Jason will work with all levels of government to improve the structures, bridges, dwellings and over all architecture of the community.

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Other issues

  • Constitutionalist

    Jason believes wholeheartedly in the rights guaranteed to every American by the Constitution.

    Jason will fight to ensure that your rights are respected and not infringed upon.

  • Taxes

    A lot of taxes currently collected are a burden on the American people. Jason will fight to lower current taxes, and fight eliminate unnecessary taxes.

    For the taxes that are collected, Jason will work with the leadership to ensure that Clarksvillians' hard-earned money is not used frivolously.

  • Education

    Education is the single most important community project. Jason will work with his colleagues to improve the current curriculum, lower the class sizes and improve the schoolhouse structures.

    Children will disabilities and those with individual Education Plan will take a front seat in Jason's crusade for better education. No child will be left behind on Jason's watch.

  • Community Outreach

    There is something almost celestial about a community. Jason wants to return our community to the close-knit community idea of old. It is the community's job to pull together and help one another, and that is what Jason will strive to accomplish.

    Jason is an avid community volunteer with many local organizations. He will encourage others to join him so that together we can help improve our great community.