On the Issues

Here is where I stand

Every American has been guaranteed the right to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness. To facilitate this pursuit, the People need a Government they can trust.

Right to Life

Every life is sacred and a gift from our Creator. As a proud member of the Pro-Life movement, I will ensure that the sanctity of life is protected and that everyone has the chance to the same opportunities, both born and unborn.

Constitutional Rights

Our country stands out from the rest for many reasons. What makes us different from the rest is not only our drive and our passion, but our founding documents. The framers put into place the best system of government that has been discovered and secured rights that they believe were endowed by our Creator and I will make sure that our rights stay secured.


Our community needs resources to be able to live the American Dream. As County Commissioner, I fought to ensure that Montgomery County had all resources they needed to pursue the life that our Founding Fathers envisioned. This includes schools, roads, community outreach, just to name a few. That endeavor will not change as your City Counsilman. We are all in this together and I will continue to help provide what is needed for the community.

Cutting Taxes

Tennesseans work hard for their money. They miss time with their family, time from their place of worship, to provide a service and in return provide for their families. The last thing they need is the Government to take more of their money than they need and then frivolously spend it. I will make sure that our government does not overtax and the taxes that are collected, are used for bettering our great community. Everyone deserves a community that they are proud, Clarksville is no exception.

Open Channel of Communication

I have always taken every step necessary to make sure that peopple have access to the goings-ons of our government, so that they knew what happening and being done. Nothing is to big or to small to kept from public key. I will continue to keep conducting my regular updates, and will ensure that the great folks of Clarksville will continue to have access to our meetings and hearings.

Community Outreach

I will continue to commit to helping and supporting those who sacrifice the for us the most the most, those include our teachers, fire fighters, police, EMTs, Doctors, nurses, Military, Veterans and so on. Those are the ones among who have sacrified and continue to and I will be here to help support them however I am able.