About Jason

Why Choose Jason?

Jason has a long history of selflessly severing the public, in any way he could. From a soldier to County Commissioner, Jason has put the needs of others first. This will not change as your City Councillor of Ward 5.


It has been an honor serving you in the compacities that I have, and I am ready to keep serving. Here is a short list of reason why you should vote for me for City Counsel:

  • County Commissioner District 18
  • 15 Year Army Veteran
  • Constitutionalist
  • Principled Conservative
  • Fiscally Responsible
  • Christian Family Man

Campaign Message


"We are more than a group of individuals. We are fathers, sons, daughters and mothers. We are police officers, firemen, postal workers and business owners. We are students, highway workers and much more. Together we are a family, together, we are Montgomery County."

Jason D. Knight
Candidate Ward 5, City Counsil
Clarksville, Tennessee